Hunting Heritage Foundation

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Photos by Mitchell Marks, Quincey Banks, and Louie Mattocks

Unity and Solidarity Among the Community of Hunters

Why this is important

There is a place for all of us as hunters—whether wealthy or not, experienced or beginner, small-game hunters, deer and turkey hunters alike.  The more unified we are, the better off we are as a community of hunters.  This requires that we be respectful of one another as well as tolerant of others who may not do things exactly the same way we do.  The old saying, “United we stand; divided we fall” has never been more true.  Factions within the community of hunters work counter to our collective best interests. With the great abundance we enjoy today, there is room for us all.

Despite hunting’s benefits to society, the economy, and natural resources, each of us as a hunter knows the primary benefit at a personal level.  It’s the satisfaction of matching wits with a wily turkey gobbler or old buck.  It’s the self-sufficiency we feel when our family or friends dine on delicious wild game we put on the table.  It’s the strong, life-long bond we forge with a younger person we introduce to hunting through squirrel hunting or bird hunting.

These are the things our hunting heritage is made of.  And the Hunting Heritage Foundation is working to preserve this way of life for each of us and our children and grandchildren.

The threats to our way of life as hunters are very real.  Narrow special interests chip, chip away at hunting opportunities for the common man.  Some push for unnecessary rules and regulations aimed at forcing everybody to hunt using specific equipment or methods.  Some want the state law to read like their hunting club rules, even though there is no sound biological basis.  A few misguided souls, bless their hearts, selfishly would have us return to the European model where only the privileged few had access to the game.  This is the model America’s forebearers fled from and revolted at.  None of us in our right mind would want to go back there.