Show Your Pride as a Hunter

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Show Your Pride as an Alabama Hunter With New License Plate

New HUNT Alabama Tag

Your vehicle tag says everything about who you are. With the variety of distinctive personalized license plates available today, what’s on the back (and front) of your vehicle identifies you to everyone else in an actions-speak-louder-than-words way.
With the new HUNT Alabama plate, let there be no mistake about it: you are a hunter.
Why is this important?
When you consider that seven percent of Alabamians hunt and 93 percent do not, it’s good for those of us who hunt to be visible. While the vast majority of Alabamians, 86 percent at last count, approve of lawful, ethical hunting, the anti-hunters try very hard to marginalize those of us who choose to hunt.
Never mind the fact that some 535,000 of us participate in hunting every year, engaging in over 10 million days of healthy outdoor recreation. And never mind that we crank over $1.8 billion into the Alabama economy annually, generating over $104 million in state and local taxes. Never mind that hunters pay for management and protection of wildlife resources, benefitting all of society.
Proceeds Preserve Hunting Heritage
The Hunting Heritage Foundation, an Alabama-based non-profit organization, is dedicated to preserving our way of life as hunters, and the money from your tag can only be spent for this purpose. Our hunting heritage is something which we are justifiably proud of and must work to preserve.
This is why the Hunting Heritage Foundation is standing up for hunting. The Foundation is a positive voice for hunting, helping people in general to realize the profound values of hunting to society as a whole.
The Community of Hunters
There is a place for all of us as hunters—whether wealthy or not, experienced or beginner, small-game hunters, deer and turkey hunters alike. The more unified we are, the better off we are as a community of hunters. This requires that we be respectful of one another as well as tolerant of others, within the bounds of what is legal and ethical. The old saying, “United we stand; divided we fall” has never been more true. Factions within the community of hunters work counter to our collective best interests. With the great abundance we enjoy today, there is room for us all.
Despite hunting’s benefits to society, the economy, and natural resources, each of us as a hunter knows the primary benefit at a personal level. It’s the satisfaction of matching wits with a wily turkey gobbler or old buck. It’s the self-sufficiency we feel when our family or friends dine on delicious wild game we put on the table. It’s the strong, life-long bond we forge with a younger person we introduce to hunting through squirrel hunting or bird hunting.
These are the things our hunting heritage is made of. And the Hunting Heritage Foundation is working to preserve this way of life for each of us and our children and grandchildren.
H.U.N.T. is an acronym for Hunters. United. Now. Tomorrow. Your distinctive license plate helps to present a unified, visible presence for hunters. To sign up for a plate, go to

You will also receive free of charge a coordinated H.U.N.T. Alabama plate for the front of your vehicle.