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Almanac moonrise-moonset times can make you a better hunter. The Hunting Heritage Foundation is happy to announce the publication and distribution of the 2017-2018 6th Edition Alabama Hunting & Fishing Almanac. 26,500 copies of the Almanac were published in partnership with the Alabama State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation
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Economic Impact of Hunting in Alabama Exceeds $1.8 Billion Annually


According to economist Rob Southwick, Alabama hunters spend twice as much each year as the combined annual revenues of the 10 largest companies in the state.  In a 2013 report, Hunting in America:  An Economic Force for Conservation, annual retail sales associated
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  Purists, or those who believe their way is superior to all others, were the subject of part of an article published by Jim Casada in a recent edition of Turkey & Turkey Hunting.  Casada is the consummate turkey hunter, the classic example of the turkey hunters’ turkey hunter.  His knowledge and experience are broad
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Wildlife Conservation Retrospective

A glimpse of the past brings appreciation of the wildlife abundance of the present day, a product of public policy unique in its model of self-supported funding.  This user-funded model, based on hunting and fishing licenses, continues to pay for wildlife conservation today. According to Mark Duda of Virginia-based Responsive Management, “The vast fish and