Lawful, Ethical Hunting

The vast majority of hunters are law-abiding and ethical.  The small percentage who are not, the poachers and game-hogs, are stealing from the rest of us.  Not only are they stealing opportunities to take game animals, but more significantly, they are stealing our good reputation and name as hunters.

Keeping our ranks free of lawless wrong-doers is essential to our future as hunters.

Why this is important

Public support for hunting is very high so long as we exhibit responsible behavior as hunters.  Compromising our integrity as hunters erodes public support, and the public ultimately decides what our rights and privileges are.

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Protecting Our Hunting Heritage


All of us as hunters share a wonderful heritage.  In almost all instances, we were the beneficiary of an older person or persons who took us under their wing and introduced us to hunting.  Usually, but not always, our mentors were...