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Photo by Quincey Banks

Hunting Opportunity for All

Maintaining a broad base of hunters requires that we embrace all types of hunters—beginners and experienced, avid and not-so-avid, people of all socio-economic status.  The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is, in large part, built upon this foundation.  The European model, from which our forefathers fled, was built on the notion that all wild animals belonged to the King, and only the rich had access to hunting.

Why this is important

With the many challenges to hunting that result from massive societal trends such as urbanization and the time-intense nature of our lives today, it is more important than ever to pay attention to the things we can actually do something about.  Working to ensure that all people have the opportunity to hunt if they so desire is one of the things we can do.

Every hunter counts the same.

Every licensed hunter—regardless of how avid or how much they participate in a given year—counts exactly the same for funding law enforcement protection and science-based management of wildlife resources.  These critical activities are totally funded by licensed hunters and anglers.  No one else pays although the benefits to society are substantial in terms of economic impact and quality of life for all people.

Every hunter, regardless of how avid or advantaged, counts exactly the same at the polling place—1 vote.